Minnesota Law States:

Subd. 11.Assessment of performance.

(a) Each year the performance of every child ages seven through 16 and every child ages 16 through 17 for which an initial report was filed pursuant to section 120A.24, subdivision 1, after the child is 16 and who is not enrolled in a public school must be assessed using a nationally norm-referenced standardized achievement examination. The superintendent of the district in which the child receives instruction and the person in charge of the child’s instruction must agree about the specific examination to be used and the administration and location of the examination.

When should I test my child?

Testing can be done any time of year; there’s no right or wrong time of year to test. I suggest to parents to test about the same time they tested the previous year track your student’s annual progress. October through February are typically quieter months for testing while March through summer tend to be busier for testing. If you haven’t tested before, you may want to keep this in mind for scheduling.

Testing Methods and Fee:

I typically test one of three ways: online using Zoom, at the Lakeville Heritage Library (only when the study rooms open which may still be a while), or at my home a few blocks from the library. It is possible for me to test in your home for an additional fee. My fee is $70 per student. If your family tests two or more students, I reduce the price to $65 per student.  A check or cash can be brought the day of if we test in person. For online testing, a check can be mailed to me the week of testing. ***If you are concerned about distancing, I recommend Zoom. I have tested many children using Zoom over the past few months and it is as close to feeling like we are in the same room as possible. Your child will see me in one section and will see a full size page of the test. I ensure your child can see and hear everything well before we begin.

The test is orally administered, and I record the student’s responses. I do not rush students so they are free to take their time answering questions. I have been told by students and parents that students enjoy working with me. The test takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.


You will receive a four page summary of the results that I go through with you immediately after testing, and you are free to ask questions. The results are yours to keep; you do not need to turn results into anyone. They are for you to keep on file to track your student’s progress.

About me:

I have been an educator and individualized tutor for over twenty years and fifteen of those years have involved teaching homeschoolers as well.  Because of this, I have a wealth of information available to parents to help you strategize how to make the most of your homeschool to help your students be successful. If you’d like to schedule a session, please know that I book out 4-6 weeks.