I am so excited to share the collection of homeschooling resources I have gathered. I have put together a 44 page slideshow to present. 

Because of the new state Covid mandates regarding indoor gatherings and because it is supposed to be unbelievably hot on Saturday, I am going to change the format to Zoom. If you were signed up to come in person Saturday, please note this change. This makes me so sad to do this because we all need in person mom time! So I am going to offer an August in person, outdoor option on Friday August 7 at 7:00! 

On the bright side, this new, in person date is a great opportunity to take in all the information through my Zoom presentation then gather together in two week for an  IN PERSON moms evening. This will allow all of you to reflect on the information I will present this week (you will still be able to ask and answer questions during our Zoom time). It will also be after the schools make their announcements next week, giving you time to use this information to dive deeper into what will work for your family best.

To sum up, here’s a list of the updates to the events:

It is not too late to sign up for any of these! And invite a friend.


Wednesday, July 29 at 6:30pm IN PERSON

Thursday, July 30 at 8pm ZOOM ONLINE

Friday, August 7 at 7:00pm IN PERSON ***NEWLY ADDED!

All the login information and my address has been sent out in an email. If you registered for any of these events, but have not received my address or login information, please email me at hornlearningdisch@gmail.com.

Register below if you haven’t already.


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